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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for hike status 2016. While you’ve loved our Stickers & Hidden Chats, we have quite a few AWESOME new features for you to express yourself with No Formality!**BLUE PACKETS: Blue Packets are a fun new way to gift money on beautifully designed digital envelopes. Below you can download a list of texting app and keeping in touch apps related to hike status 2016.With these mind blowing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
  • #1.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - It procedure is too bad. One of my friends id is shown as "bich" and other friend as "baba card". Please fix this problem very soon, its spoiling the image of my friends. Girls are getting tortured l. Plese fix the issue soon or i will complaint it to responsible authority
  • #2.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - If someone not add us as a favrate we cant see them last seen.. and other detail... Bad things... When we dont see any detail of a person.. hate it whatsapp is much better..
  • #3.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - Sir i will give u 5 stars but u need to add the birthday remainder to the hike and video calling feature in the hike.....it is much better than whatsapp add this feature before whatsapp.
  • #4.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - One star after the new update hike is laging now chats are not loading fast had to wait 5-6 second to open a chat please fix asap
  • #5.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - It's good with lot of stickers and the best. I love it a lot. Fabulous messenger app. But the main problem is, u can't backup Ur account if u have deleted it and again installing it.
  • #6.hike messenger - Hide Chat, Call, Stickers, Wallet - Hike is grate but it have to update , many features like custom notification of chats, material user interface, security, stability, and many other thing's. Please add this features and hike will be best in messenger.
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