• #1.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Has many twigs that I disliked. They can be turned on and off from settings. But I disliked that. Also in data saving mode net turns slow.
  • #2.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Uc shows adverts now....from browser panel. UC has best downloading manager.. but don't show gimmicks in showing downloading correct..don't show unusual speeds..we can calculate size of a file downloaded with speed shown ..we are not fools dev..still it over takes opera mini with its optimised data browsing and best download manager..
  • #3.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Its very nice to use but make the slide changing faster n second of all whn using facebook so make it faster whn we give a LIKE on the post!its takes time to get load n thn like! All n all its great!!!
  • #4.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Now very bad app thanks for reply dear admin now ucbrouser ani time error i wont dounload any movie or clip not dounload any time seen error like ooopse page not found
  • #5.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Really great it nice... It download in very week network or download speed id good then other browsers..
  • #6.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - This browser very speed u0026amp; this browser all wap sites access browser, so I like this browser
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