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  • #1.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - Logged in, give details...then showing my vodafone app is not working..try again i can realize that my airtel app far more better than it..i'm going to leave this connection..
  • #2.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - This is good but it would be better if you add smart direct billing opinion to purchase playstore apps with main bal
  • #3.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - Why do u give the facility to activate data packs in this app, when it does not work. I had to pay 2k extra because the data pack did not get activated. As soon as I clicked the activation button I got a request raised message. I thought it would be be done in couple of hours. From next day started using 3g until bill became 2k. I should have at least got a message that it was not activated.
  • #4.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - My last bill is showing as Dec'15. Outstanding as nil where as my bill is overdue..... Vodafone tech team might be complacent now probably. You guys have still not rolled out 4G..maybe Chennai is no longer important for Vodafone...3G speed has been throttled. We chennaites have been taken for granted....
  • #5.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - The new app shows the billing information on startup. This reduces the need to browse through the various tabs. A big relief for people like me who need the information immediately.
  • #6.MyVodafone (India) - Recharge, Pay Bills & more. - I activated a 300MB 3G pack on top of my existing 200MB 2G pack for my Vodafone postpaid mobile number through this app. Almost at the end of the billing cycle I see that I have been charged 500 rupees extra for data usage even when my usage never went beyond the pack limits. Customer support says activating 3G removes the 2G pack but the app shows 500MB total data usage available. Going to switch to a different service provider ASAP.
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