• #1.Instagram - I don't like the feed because it is not chronologically ordered and I don't like how Instagram looks like anymore. It's really white to look at and is somewhat confusing for me. I also don't like how the new logo. It does not please me.
  • #2.Instagram - Having trouble titling my pictures #'ing them etc.. It just said there is an upload error, then when the picture uploads there is nothing underneath. So I try to edit it to add the title, caption and #hashtags but that it's flags up an editing error.. Please fix as I love this app! It's by far my favourite source of social media but I can't upload anything wither adding a caption or hashtag.. What would be the point in that right?!.. Please fix ASAP!
  • #3.Instagram - This is awesome I couldn't get it before because of the parental controls but luckily my mam gave me the code and I went straight to Instagram all my friends have got it and it's great I don't really there's anything you have to approve its awesome where you can see friends posts and all that I am very lucky too have this app yours sincerely Maisy
  • #4.Instagram - I really like Instagram. It's fun to look through the pictures! There are a lot of truly gifted people in the world, some in front of the camera, some behind. But, they are all beautiful!
  • #5.Instagram - Since the new update, I can't add location. When I click on the icon, its loading for a while then says "couldn't load location" then goes back.
  • #6.Instagram - Truly in love with the latest update of user interface, does help in focusing with photos in feed. The only downside is status bar does look really ugly with grey coloured statusbar. Hopefully, it would be updated to black coloured statusbar in the next build.
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