• #1.Instagram - The rules of following have changed and now I can't even follow back the peeps who follow me.... WHAT HAPPENED?! Love IG normally
  • #2.Instagram - The old one was far more good looking tha this new icon. Retro style. This new one is horrible colors style. The app is good tho
  • #3.Instagram - Ever since the update, my account has been having problems, a lot of times it will just exit the app and then when I try to open it, it makes me log in again. The only problem with that is the fact that every time that I log in it suddenly says "Cannot Refresh Feed" even though it is already refreshed. After showing me that it then takes me back to login and starts the whole fiasco all over again.
  • #4.Instagram - I used to love instagram! But now I'm hating it, all posts out of order, I can't see what I like. Please change it back. And the new icon is ugly.
  • #5.Instagram - I'm not able to tag people in my own pictures. The option is there, but when I save it the tag doesn't appear.
  • #6.Instagram - Where Is time...when someone posting it...this is really shocking... Please Want old instagram.. want to see the time when posting somebody
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