• #1.Instagram - I hate the new design. Used to be a five star now a one star. The new logo is ugly, and I hate that I don't see pictures in chronological order anymore. I don't want to see more popular posts first, I just want to see what I follow in the order they post it. I almost never use this app anymore, too annoying with these stupid updates.
  • #2.Instagram - Love it,you have put a lot of efforts in this huge update,love the neon logo and love the new look bcs its so minimalist...i thank you instagram crew..youre the best!!!
  • #3.Instagram - It keeps closing and opening on it's own and it's not letting me post just showing a black screen. And the new colors eww this not even instagram no more this is another app instagram changed all we needed was minute videos and views
  • #4.Instagram - I absoloutley love instagram but recently it won't let me post my saved photos only ones that I have actually taken, and I don't know why but its really annoying
  • #5.Instagram - it's garish, childish and cheap-looking. currently using cocoppa to change it to something closer to the classic one. the new UI is passable. it doesn't make sense that the feed isn't in chronological order though. i don't bother scrolling through my feed anymore and just go to the tags, where everything is in order. or are you going to change that too? overall, a disappointing update, really
  • #6.Instagram - I love instagram. Keeps me updated with all of my military family, new tutorials. This is my favorite.
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