• #1.Instagram - Every single time I go on the app it imediatly just turns my phone all the way off and restarts it. I just can't use it at all now because of this. It all started when this new update came out.
  • #2.Instagram - Since the update it keeps force closing and i never get any notifications not even for my dm. Blows mine
  • #3.Instagram - This app is very creative!! You can live through your pictures and find creative stuff in other people's pictures!! @your.dream.gurll
  • #4.Instagram - Everything if fine until someone tags me in something. When they do, I try to go to it and it disappears from my notifications.
  • #5.Instagram - Hi! I don't know what's happening, everytime I try to Upload a Video and it does not Automaticall Upload in FB even though it's already Linked, if I Share it Manually it won't appear on FB and other Linked Sites too.
  • #6.Instagram - It always shows in notifications that it has stopped!? I don't know why.It was okay at first, but now it won't work.
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