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  • #1.Instagram - Works fine but it keeps getting more and more "minimalist" which is design speak for "cheap and ugly looking." Pretty soon it's just going to be images on a plain white background. (Wait, that's what it is already.)
  • #2.Instagram - I love Instagram but since 2 weeks I'm losing my followers for no reason ! Everyday I lose 2 or 3 people, that's really annonying so could you fix that plz ?
  • #3.Instagram - Lately i was having hard time editing my caption, i've found out that the reason is tagging people in it because when i tag people it doesnt save my edit but when i dont it works perfectly fine. Also even when i'm writing the caption if i tag someone the post comes out without a caption after posting. Please fix i have a page and it's annoying not be able to mention people in the caption
  • #4.Instagram - I cannot search and find some accounts that i was following for last 2 years. When i get into their profile it saying this have no photos. Damn man. Before update there was no complaints. But after update things messed up man. What should i do to get their accounts?
  • #5.Instagram - It's awesome connecting to ppl of similar interests. ...too many pics get taken down over stupid objections.
  • #6.Instagram - You can't change the logo of something that is worldwide. It just doesn't work, it's like if facebook or twitter changed their logo.
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