• #1.Instagram - Why did you change the logo I mean the new logo is nice but the old one just fitted instagram better than the new one. Please bring back the old logo
  • #2.Instagram - This app is one of the most fun and time killing apps I have ever had on my anything. If you are reading this to see if this app is app is any good, then stop reading and just install it.
  • #3.Instagram - Instagram is not letting me post my Flipagram video everytime I try it just stops everytime I try it just keeps processing for along time. Everytime I try to post a Flipagram it juss processes for like 30minutes and go off so please fix it
  • #4.Instagram - The photos people share no longer appear in chronological order. Who decides what I see first and whose photos are more important? I did not ask for this. Your new logo also looks terrible. I thought I'd try and give it away chance, but I dislike it more and more every day.
  • #5.Instagram - I am a ZET user, I love the app but since the new update it will automatically exit the app please fix this
  • #6.Instagram - This helps me communicate with my friends far away and posts pictures or videos...Love it switching accounts is easy!!
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