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  • #1.Instagram - I love this app but the last update put my feed out of order. I know you're trying to look like Facebook but please don't. I like to see what people post in chronological order and not going up and down in my feed.
  • #2.Instagram - I really hate the new color scheme. Or lack of color, I should say. The black and white is just... blah. Why did you choose to get rid of the fun colors? Terrible decision. Bring back the colors. I can't imagine I'm the only one who hates how it looks now.
  • #3.Instagram - The videos like to tweak out and I can't watch them like I usually do. The replay keeps popping up like a broken record on repeat.
  • #4.Instagram - Its aesthetics and design are so boring and elemental. Lacks grace. I also want a registry of the posts I have liked.
  • #5.Instagram - I hate that posts aren't in chronological order anymore. I shouldn't have to do a push notification to see every post. If I don't want to see your posts, I'd stop following you.
  • #6.Instagram - I love instagram. Keeps me updated with all of my military family, new tutorials. This is my favorite.
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