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  • #1.Angry Birds 2 - Angry Birds was fun until now. Its turned into candy crush. Now there's bosses and an amount of lives. Plus it makes you wait 20 minutes until your next life!
  • #2.Angry Birds 2 - Made me do an update to continue playing. Update didn't take so then was directed to Uninstall and reinstall. Lost all the progress I had in the game.
  • #3.Angry Birds 2 - I liked the game, but after a couple updates now it consistently shuts off. In the middle of playing it'll just shut off and take the life you were using. If it's not fixed soon I'm just gunna uninstall it.
  • #4.Angry Birds 2 - I had fun for a few days, but finally caught on to the rigged gameplay that the devs have made to make people pay to win. Birds are nerfed by design, and paid upgrades are required to proceed at a normal rate. If you choose the free to play route, they make you watch 50 or so 30 second videos before the game physics work fairly. If you do well in the first round, wood and ice will start acting like stone. Pigs will often remain unharmed underneath debris that would normally crush them. I quit.
  • #5.Angry Birds 2 - I would just change that you don't have life's like the last game, otherwise I think it would be worth 5 stars
  • #6.Angry Birds 2 - I LOVE THIS GAME AND I'm ONLY ON LEVEL TEN BUT when you are loosing you can't go back like number If you put just that little thing in it'll be the perfect game xxxx
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