• #1.MX Player - When I increase brightness level to highest, screen goes dim. Please correct the issue. There is no such problem with VLC
  • #2.MX Player - I just updated my phone from 5.1 to 6.0 and i am facing this problem of brightness.. when i enhance the brightness to 15 its reduce the brightness to zero.. it maintain the brightness up to 14..
  • #3.MX Player - I like the app but after the latest update,I m unable to move the app to SD card.Pls fix it for Android 6.0
  • #4.MX Player - Its not showing any video files from my OTG for my marshmallow...but its showed on lollipop..please help on this
  • #5.MX Player - Older is doing good work but after update it's showing error AC3 audio not support. So pls do something.
  • #6.MX Player - If I pause it for a while or turn off my screen for a while then try resuming from where I left off it automatically starts from the beginning and I can't skip forward, if this gets fixed its a definite 5 star
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