• #1.Mobile Strike - The game continuously just keeps closing and have to re open app. Get this fixed it no one will even be able to play it!
  • #2.Mobile Strike - Good game. Too many bugs. All these updates and it seems to get worse. I Don't need the game booting me right in the middle of me being attacked. Plus I dont like being fooled. I enjoy the game, but the commercials and the pictures above are very misleading.
  • #3.Mobile Strike - OK who think it bad is cause you don't know how to play and you really don't need use money for this and this game is awesome and haters gonna hate and bitching and complaining all they do there no lag there no ads this game is addictive and awesome and it fun and you can play with friends.
  • #4.Mobile Strike - When I attack or go for tiles my commander will be upside down or disappeared and if I cancel or deploy it will crash love the game though fix that problem and five stars it is. #f*** the haters
  • #5.Mobile Strike - I used to have a Samsung S5 which this game worked a dream on. I then upgraded to the S7 edge and it lags really bad around my base and the state map. Is this something you will be fixing? Now it keeps giving me server messages and throwing me out. I spend a lot of money on this game SORT IT OUT or have the decency to contact me. I'll put back to 5 stars if ever gets fixed.
  • #6.Mobile Strike - DON'T DOWNLOAD, so many bugs! It is free to download, but to be competive u MUST spend! I know people who have spent thousands! Its just like game of war. And the greed of the corp. owners is astounding. Plus game lags u0026amp; kicks u off line at bad times. Costing u more $ - how convenient! I suspect anyone giving it 5 stars probably works for the company, you cant see the battles. Trash game, sorry Arnold is being used to screw people over
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