• #1.MX Player - Simply the best there is. Please add video playback speed option. Thanks. GRANTED. Woot woot. :D The best media player on Android, and nice support and development team
  • #2.MX Player - This is the best video player I've come across, it plays just about every format you can throw at it. Great controls, easy to navigate unlike others. 5 star all the way.
  • #3.MX Player - Hi, I am using this app also has small issue... It's sometimes hangs while playing video or while starting videos from another app in Android 6.
  • #4.MX Player - My first review on Google store, this is must have app for two reason. First you can play both video and audio with good output. Second you can use other app, or even turn off your screen while playing video.
  • #5.MX Player - Kids Lock is not working properly, (I have installed kids Lock plugin) after locking when I press home button, home button should not work, but mx player is minimizing and home screen is coming and video is playing in background but home screen will be locked(we can't open menu, notification drawer), to unlock we should touch all the corner's in clock wise.
  • #6.MX Player - In android marshmallow 6, the maximum brightmess is at 13, and it will reduce if you raise it to 15! Otherwise loved it.
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