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  • #1.My Talking Angela - I barely have games and it won't let me download it that's dumb isn't it. The only thing I can say is Oh my gosh and it takes too long to download like an. hour long right
  • #2.My Talking Angela - The videos are not playing after the latest update(today)and I can't get those COINS as well.Pls fix this and then 5strs!!!!!The videos are working just fine now.keep up the good work.
  • #3.My Talking Angela - I love her and I would like to spend time with her until the end:-D
  • #4.My Talking Angela - It is awesome! But there should b mor things like she lay kids, she design her dress by herself, there should be some caps and jewellery, she sent letters to other players for inviting them on kitte parties, she will throw ballons to Tom and secretly met with him not at her home but in any other place, Tom sent love letters to angela, they marry together, she will watch television in which there are video and fairytales buy spenting internet, if u will make my talking angela 2 then do these things.
  • #5.My Talking Angela - I lost my level 70+ save. I played around 7 months ago and now I sign into this only to find my save is gone. Lost my IAP too. How the hell I'm gonna recover it?
  • #6.My Talking Angela - My daughter loves this game and so do I. I think it is a good learning access for when she has a child or has one.
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