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  • #1.Opera Mini - fast web browser - love it love it love it, please only update when added new feature or really important needed, if you can, u can give options to allow cookie but reject 3rd, some like on opera browser, thank.,
  • #2.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Best one in most of the browser. *Some (rare) web-pages are viewed partly, pls. Solve the issue, if possible. **Wanted Folders creation tool in save page if possible.
  • #3.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Sir thats not good to do this new update that free facebook i m use to use facebook on opera mini but now on internet there is free facebook will held upon us thats not good..... please we need our simple facebook back please....
  • #4.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Really wanted Opera Mini to be great so that I wouldn't need to use another intrusive/bloated, stock Google product (i.e. Chrome), but the app would crash every time I went to a particular site in 'private mode'. The video player was awful too. I will give Opera a second chance by using the standard version of the browser...
  • #5.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Before,I can continue reading a long page without reloading the page. Now,it always reload the page when I reopen opera.
  • #6.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Can you please add that "open in new tab" feature to the news clips on the homepage of opera mini. It's irritating to open one news clip, open a new tab then scroll all the way down to open the next. Thank you. Awesome app
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