• #1.Opera Mini - fast web browser - My phones browser had been crashing for 2 years this simple download fixed problem best browser on the market
  • #2.Opera Mini - fast web browser - What more can one say? Neat, saves data and it's just unique compared to others though one shouldn't need to reload preloaded pages and it can also be a little faster otherwise it's great
  • #3.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Ad block is nice, but need the ability to white list sites on the user end. Seems like no comment plug in works with this browser
  • #4.Opera Mini - fast web browser - I wish I could have a samsung galaxy s7 edge for better browsing using opera my phone is very slow it sucks..
  • #5.Opera Mini - fast web browser - It's faster as its specification, I like Opera Mini new version, it's speed promotes us to watch more u0026amp; more on net
  • #6.Opera Mini - fast web browser - Previous version Was much better. Became slow after updating. Repeatedly crashing. Can't find the pages which were saved for offline use.
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