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  • #1.Knock Down - This is the kind of app that makes people " hang up" the phone to hard against the wall or drive way! WORTHLESS
  • #2.Knock Down - Ads wreck this game. Its great for my kids but after the ad the screen stays black. To annoying to play.
  • #3.Knock Down - It doesn't work. All I get is a black screen with an ad on the bottom and music. Not at all surprised that the ad works fine. Uninstalling
  • #4.Knock Down - Great game, although only goes to 22 levels something like that. Wish it had more! Would give 5 stars if it laid off popping ads every minute plus MORE LEVELZ!!
  • #5.Knock Down - But there really needs to be something that shows trajectory like in Angry Birds. Reason being is that your aim has to be so precise...way more than in AB! One bad aim and you might as well start the level over. Pretty frustrating if you're down to that last ball and you have one block left. At least make it have half of a trajectory line. Even if I did manage to beat all levels, I would notplay it again because of the difficulty. I'm telling you Dev, trajectory line will increase replay value tremendously!
  • #6.Knock Down - I really like this game but i wish there was an endless or a survival mode where it keeps track of high score.
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