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  • #1.Rail Rush - Ads pop up at the worst time. Like in the middle of a mission, making me die. I have made a few purchases with real money. In other games that stops the ads, but not here. Played for a while u0026amp; have a few suggestions. There should be a warning to let you know when your cart enhancement is about to end. Also, missions that require you to buy something you already own should be marked as completed automatically. This is the third time I'm writing u0026amp; ads are worse. Can't get 400 meters b 4 1 pops up.
  • #2.Rail Rush - I just enjoy playing this game. Plz add permanent cart stuff against nuggets. Otherwise *****for this game
  • #3.Rail Rush - The mechanics of the game is really cool and I love the fast style taste to it. And unlike other running games this one has different worlds to play in
  • #4.Rail Rush - But 1 problem is that everything is not everlasting and not only one from it still i love this game and im a diehard fann ov ot !!!
  • #5.Rail Rush - Amazing animations!!! Awesome no chance you can know about some valuable gems in this game my high score is 10897
  • #6.Rail Rush - I AM ENJOYING THE GAME VERY MUCH . I always delete it because I play it for a long time but then I install it again.
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