• #1.Rail Rush - This came is so fun I it keeps me busy very addictive game to play, I think that the amount of coins to give for free.
  • #2.Rail Rush - Cheta game . never i have seen or play this much worst game. from 9 years iam playing games in tab.but never i have seen this much worst game.i can say why . but u trail it ones .u will say that what i said exactly is correct
  • #3.Rail Rush - Game style is good. Lahar Mihona Rongorai Gohad Mehgaon Amayan Mou Gormi Malanpur Ater phoop Alampur
  • #4.Rail Rush - It is not at all boring .... u install it and complete the tasks .... amazing
  • #5.Rail Rush - The reason I mines 2 because the characters are a lot of gold is 1 and the other is because when a candy cane or tree or what ever mine you are in I don't know what to do but the rest is amazing!!!!
  • #6.Rail Rush - Its n very very interesting game..I don't like to play games but bcoz of these game I play a game on cell daily...very awesome n interesting game....only want to request u that...when numbers of meters increase it becomes too plzzzz make the speed little bit slow
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