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  • #1.Snapchat - There's some bugs that need fixing for the androids but other than that it's awesome! Hoping well get the mid-video camera switch soon
  • #2.Snapchat - Snapchat is cool and all but we shouldn't have to download an app just to post screenshots or other pictures this should be a update
  • #3.Snapchat - Seems to have some problems on Android N, and I still don't like how it automatically goes to the next story.
  • #4.Snapchat - Don't like that it goes to the next story when you're done watching one, I don't want to watch all of them at the same time.
  • #5.Snapchat - Freezes way too often. Love the filters when I'm able to pull the up. Please use all the money y'all make to fix the small problems with videos..
  • #6.Snapchat - Please help. I got a new phone and the old one is disconnected. I'm locked out of my account. I also don't have the recovery code. I've made a new one but I'd still want to get back in my old one. Please help
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