• #1.Amazon India Shopping - All the things which you wanna to shop available here. This app having so many features and best services thanks for making such a wonderful app
  • #2.Amazon India Shopping - Too heavy packing resulting in waste of packing materials. Try to go for compact packing. Great service
  • #3.Amazon India Shopping - Pathetic service by Amazon, they should stop cheating ppl by their annoying adds on TV. I ordered Moto G 4 plus on 18th midnight ,after waiting two days, today the seller "Apptronics Retail" cancelled my order without any communication. Sick of you guys... if you can't handle many orders then why r u accepting... the support from Amazon is so wonder why Flipkart is #1.
  • #4.Amazon India Shopping - If u have this problem then u should sell ur product only in certain places.please dnt waste our time
  • #5.Amazon India Shopping - I trust only Amazon for online is the best among all..customer service is the best service in Amazon..easy returns, best quality, fast delivery..these are best things in Amazon
  • #6.Amazon India Shopping - There is no proper way to organise some things for which customer's are on it.. Worst features and no quality products, I suggest you my friends do not select Amazon for ua needs of anything..
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