• #1.AppLock - I don't remember the password.... and wen I go to the website unable to find the hidden one... plzz help
  • #2.AppLock - My phone is sony Z2, After update my software all the videos and photos was on valut is missing... This is very bad experience... Do something team...
  • #3.AppLock - Thanks. One of the best protection. .Please help the icon of application is nowhere to be seen!! Can't get to my photos and videos locked in the app..Please help me track the app
  • #4.AppLock - I lost my hidden videos and pictures after the app got an update. It was beyond recovery. It is only good for locking but be careful when you hide your media.
  • #5.AppLock - I hided the app lock ..but I forgot the number to type on dial pad ..could u plzz say me the number to type on the dial pad to get back my app lock
  • #6.AppLock - ??? ??? ??? ?? ??? ??? ???? ??? ??? ???? ??
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