• #1.VLC for Android - VLC Media Player plays almost any file format, never has any glitches and is wonderfully easy to use. All-round brilliant!
  • #2.VLC for Android - Hello Videolabs, love VLC on windows, and i smash anyone that doesnt use it. However, on my Huawei P8 Lite(ALE-L02), whenever I try to play music wth it, VLC reloads and does the same thng again if I try to play music again. VLC beta doesnt do this, and I suspect its something to do with the got it, dismiss screen that comes up when playing music for the first time. I can't send a bug report because it needs debug logs and no matter what I did, it wouldnt log any errors. Ty, Unwritable
  • #3.VLC for Android - How to play videos without stopping? Is the Playlist feature coming soon? Chromecast would be nice too.
  • #4.VLC for Android - OK. I know that we're in a technological age? So I shouldn't be so surprised. About this app, but seriously, it's so cool. I love VLC on my laptop... On my cellphone?... It's too cool. Loveit!
  • #5.VLC for Android - This app does exactly what it needs to and nothing else. I'm giving it 5*s because it doesn't require any weird permissions. Only file access. No net, phone, ID or anything else.
  • #6.VLC for Android - Decode everything except WMV files with DRM, but perfect to add subtitles or play MKV. Good as a music player too but can improve on this part.
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