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  • #1.Sonic Dash - This game has lots of fun but stop after clear one round .....again I played but same result... Stop and stop
  • #2.Sonic Dash - So exciting can't stop playing... Brings back throwback memories of Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega Genesis... Love it
  • #3.Sonic Dash - I love this game so much. Its so addicting. This is such a great game. Anybody who loves Sonic, should get this game.
  • #4.Sonic Dash - Brings back awesome childhood memories. Love that it is kid friendly, easy to learn and play, fun yet makes you use your brain. There are a lot of ads, but it's pretty cool you can use them to earn free stuff in the game
  • #5.Sonic Dash - This game is so much fun all the people that play cuz if they don't then they're losers and I really mean it see you later
  • #6.Sonic Dash - This game is way better than Sonic Dash 2 Sonic Boom. There are more and better characters and the music is good too.
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