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  • #1.Sonic Dash - great game but it keeps crashing after a run and after an ad. please fix this issue. besides from the issues, im loving the game
  • #2.Sonic Dash - Barrage he his he I the hdjdjdhhdhduduhr hunch chur did mud he I dish's defy HSH churn dhddu d rrrf ff try GDF for for for DCCC FCC f
  • #3.Sonic Dash - This game is addictive and amazing you guys should really download it's free and fun some are in app purchase but it's kinda worth it but it's fun and cool no viruses or bugs or anything like that. Please rate and subscribe like I did. And it's a good family game and a good childhood game to grow up with. Well gotta go but have a good life. BYE
  • #4.Sonic Dash - This app is awesome,fun,and a good time killer if you have nothing to do.If you are thinking about getting this app,do it. :3 5 Stars!
  • #5.Sonic Dash - Good game for passing time. The upload is a little long and the passing to play after dieing takes some time but worth it for now. :-)
  • #6.Sonic Dash - Loving this game it takes my eyes off of it sooooooooooo good I give it a5 star
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