• #1.Sonic Dash - I really love this game before.I install it then a few days I uninstall it because I didn't know that it'sgood and its too big but its not so bad after all so I installed it again ;)(;
  • #2.Sonic Dash - It gives me a thousands of red stars! I don't care if Sonic is for babies or old people, Sonic ROCKS!!!
  • #3.Sonic Dash - This game is not HARD I just wish the characters were not so high at least make Tails, Knuckles, and Amy unlocked but, it's still a good game
  • #4.Sonic Dash - Did not think it would be fun, but I was wrong I play it all the time, takes me back to my Sega Genesis days.
  • #5.Sonic Dash - I really enjoy this game, and I love how everything can be bought by in game currency, there's no micro transactions required to unlock everything. I do notice, though, that some of my deaths feel cheap from random lag spurts, and I often don't receive my rewards due to the games constant crashing. Fix those errors, and you'll have one of the best mobile games on the market.
  • #6.Sonic Dash - I love this game this is the only thing I wanted because my brothers have this game and I watch them and it looks like fun so I deleted some games and got this game and I like that it goes fast so now me and my brothers like this game so I give be this game 5 stars.
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