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  • #1.Sonic Dash - Fun game. I paid to have ads removed and to support it because it's a great game to play anytime you want to do more than just watch tv or browse the web. Just like the Sonic console games, there are times it gets ridiculously fast u0026amp; timing is critical.
  • #2.Sonic Dash - Reminds me of temple run with a few but with ignorable slow downs from time to time. I feel the app can be better optimized for consistant framerate. This game is going to keep me entertained for a long time. Some of the missions are ridiculously annoying though.
  • #3.Sonic Dash - This is the best game I ever played,you should play it too.So,download Sonic Dash ,and aka,you do not need a Google account.I'm first in leader board by the way.Well,later bitches.
  • #4.Sonic Dash - even though you guys didn't fix the first problem I had with this app , now it froze on me during my daily spin and didn't get my free prize ; now I can't even get my other free spin for watching an ad ! I feel this will also affect my daily login prize , please fix !
  • #5.Sonic Dash - With the wildly popular Temple Run infused with the awesomeness of Sonic The Hedgehog, spawned an amazingly original game!! It brings forth such an iMMENSE sense of nostalgia with playing countless hours upon hours of playing the original Sonic games on my SEGA Genesis from my childhood. I also Lu0026amp;lt;3VE how they brought along all of Sonic's friends (and enemies) he's made over the years from all his adventures after the original games on the SEGA console as the Sonic dynasty evolved, AND THEYRE PLAYABLE TOO!!
  • #6.Sonic Dash - Excellent Game a Must Play For Mobile / Tablet especially for the Sega master systems and mega drive era brings back memories of the first cartridge consoles by Sega great times
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