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  • #1.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - I have never seen any player playing video at such a fast rate. I have slow connection but it still plays up flawlessly. So unlike voot where i was not able to see any video without constant buffering.
  • #2.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - you will feel no need of such apps unless you actually install one, Same hapened to me, Love this app now.
  • #3.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - This is a great app for a change, voot was like the worst app of my life I had ever used. It was just awful.
  • #4.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - voot was tooo slow man! nothing will be open .sonyliv is much better, and even premium subscription is reasonably prices
  • #5.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - Sony Liv is amazing. Voot would crash everytime and it doesnt let the user to view any program anytime. sony is just so better
  • #6.SonyLIV–LIVE Cricket TV Movies - Please give some more episodes of Ek Mahal ho Sapno ka. other than that, your app is just so perfect than viacom18.
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