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  • #1.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - Please help this out. I can't turn of the head up (pop up notification) on the top screen. It annoys me so much bcs if you slide it to the side, the notification wont be in the black ribbon next to other apps and the clock on super top screen. And it needs a while til the pop up dissapears by itself. This is frustating please fix. Thanks
  • #2.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - I cannot even log in to my old Line Account. What's going on? I cannot get the verification SMS and it just keeps preventing me from logging in. I might as well use Whatsapp or WeChat.
  • #3.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - i blocked someone i dunno coz its spamming me group invites but the spamming did not stop.. others have told me, they did get spammed too
  • #4.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - It's main feature is that it's so safe that it protects your messages and account even from you: n-step authentications, verifications and it DELETES YOUR CHAT HISTORY if you try to transfer your account to a new one. You can buy stickers though - so it's great for paranoid sticker enthusiasts who do not trust even themselves and do not replace their phones.
  • #5.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - Before the update, my phone would just vibrate when I got a message, now it displays a pop up unless I turn notifications off. I went through the notification settings and that was the only way to not get the pop up.
  • #6.LINE: Free Calls & Messages - Ever since it has been updated I'm having troubles with the line call. I was wondering if my internet was slow or there's way too much memory on my phone so I tried fixing my wifi but it's still saying that there's low connection. Also reading everyones reviews a lot is also having problems with it. Please do fix it :/
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