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  • #1.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - Jo milkar khel rahe h uska id block kar ne ka soochoo sallo muje block kar diya aur ek baat ye game h usi ke hesab se rakho jada kuch nahi samjo game developers nahi tho gali khoge sab se 12.04.16 ka idea pls update pe closing cards dhik ne chiye uske hesab se update karo CLOSING CARDS MUST BE SHOWN PLEASE DO IT IN NEXT UPDATE
  • #2.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - Nice but real teen patti mai dono k ps same cards ni aaty nd dono k ps jb same crds hon toh aik ko q jeetatay hain phr dono ko jitwaya karain
  • #3.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - I haven't played the game since last three days because i can't go after my friends, plz fix this problem, i want to join my friends and the game leaves me somewhere in other table!!
  • #4.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - Acctually may friend is offline but he always show online in my friend list if i will joine his table he was not there....
  • #5.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - I love this game but after recent update I have lost interest... When the game is going on and all my opponents fold the card...my card is visible to all my opponent which does not happen in teenpati... Unless I show them or my opponent ask for show...pliz fix it
  • #6.Teen Patti Gold - TPG - ???? ?? ????? ??? ?? ....?? ?? ??????? ???? ?? ???? ??? ??? ????? ??? ?? ??? ??
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