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  • #1.Racing in Car - Maybe its better if u put a manual transmission. And please add many vehicles.... there are only three. Thats why I only gave 3 stars.
  • #2.Racing in Car - Need more levels, graphics are awesome but it's quite boring when we play same thing again and again
  • #3.Racing in Car - This is one crappy game. No buttons for left-right movement. Only tilting. Boring straight road. Boring single car. Not enough levels. Utter crappy waste game.
  • #4.Racing in Car - Its alright But you need to make it realistic and more cars and roads. Also don't make so we have to pay forn a dop lad.Make it harder my baby sister could do that game
  • #5.Racing in Car - First: its so easy to acheive all the medals: in 4 minutes i completed 3 of the 5. If my battery wasn't almost dead i would have gotten all 5, which means; second: why in the world would you ever spend money on this? There is no scoring variation when passing; its so easy to pass you only crash into cars because your mind drifted out of game its sooooo boring. 3rd: if you put so much detail into car interiors the dash gauges need to at least move. 170 kmh while dash says zero? Graphics, gameplay. 2 .
  • #6.Racing in Car - The graphics and cars are a bit poor maybe if they made it drive around a whole city or something with way more cars it would be great. Not a bad game, great job guys!
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