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  • #1.Temple Run 2 - Was doing fine. Game froze. Lost my Easter suit. Lost my frozen outfit. Lost Mrs. Clause and lost the two vikings. Officially stopping this game. Wasted 500 gems on a locked map.
  • #2.Temple Run 2 - This is so addicting,but it's still fun when I'm in the car I play this to let time pass its a cool game ;)
  • #3.Temple Run 2 - I play every day without a doubt it is the best game i have ever downloaded i hiley recommend you download this game best game
  • #4.Temple Run 2 - Blazing sands doesn't want to download, error 100 keeps appearing when trying to download. Also the game crashes due to the fact that for some reason an objective I've already completed is still on my list to complete, so everytime I finish a run the objective says it's completed, then it adds back on the list. The game registers it as completed again and does the same thing again and again, when I tap next all it does is freeze the game.
  • #5.Temple Run 2 - It so interesting when you hit the ice but I hate it when the creature jumps out and beats you to death!
  • #6.Temple Run 2 - Cause I had fun playing first person with the vr but I would love to experience that on mobile devices
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