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  • #1.Temple Run 2 - Dont listen to the other you try that game you have you're own apionon sorry if i spelt that wrong but i loved it
  • #2.Temple Run 2 - I liked the game but they are showing that frozen shadows is a limited time map . Why does frozen shadows is a limited time map?
  • #3.Temple Run 2 - Dull, repetitive and send to be designed with the sole purpose of emptying your wallet. Avoid at all costs.
  • #4.Temple Run 2 - The game has so many addbilitys for the characters so additive to it sister is jealous of my high score !! Awesome Game
  • #5.Temple Run 2 - The game is enticing and the graphics are superb! But my frozen shadow is there for limited period of time it's not right. Moreover, you have to pay for buying characters like Usain Bolt and Bruce Lee. And does this run game ever has an ending! Sometimes it's not my fault but till its dead. Please fix the problems! But I must say that Igot addicted to it!
  • #6.Temple Run 2 - This game is amazing EVERYONE should play amazing game it has great graphics great gameplay and it is an AMAZING time killer everyone should play it
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