• #1.Highway Traffic Rider - I can't enter the game.It always shows me zip zap games,select your first bike and then it just doesn't me out.I do YouTube videos and u won't want me to give a bad review right?
  • #2.Highway Traffic Rider - ?????????????????? ??????????????????? ?????????????????????????????
  • #3.Highway Traffic Rider - But eek I know people who ride scooters and bikes and when my dude falls off it puts me on edge ugh
  • #4.Highway Traffic Rider - The game runs smooth except for the bug in video playing. If video ad playback fails, game hangs and no control works. It doesnt even exit! Very irritating bug.
  • #5.Highway Traffic Rider - This is awesome game! I hope you guys try this and play like a veteran....! Cool game i never ride a motor bike but when i play this game i imagine that i am the rider ^^
  • #6.Highway Traffic Rider - I wish that you guys will create a game like this but the vehicle is a Mountain Bike on an offroad trail. And it should be as awesome as this game!
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