• #1.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - I like this aap very much its smal size n it having good speed as compare to other I really like it
  • #2.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Right clink,open in a new tab,and damn!!! Blank page opening up. Not once,twice or thrice since past two days.. :/
  • #3.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - It's secure u0026amp; fastest browser than others. I 'm using this app last 5 years. Till now I didn't find any issue.
  • #4.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - Every time i turn of fb notifications and its auto turns on .. Again i turn it of and its auto turn on aftr some time,.. 2ndly the video playr of the browser is v bad if we use utube then nothing was clear kindly improve ur video player for utube watch...
  • #5.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - It doesn't work properly on wifi. I am able to load Google page on chrome browser easily but when I try to open in uc mini it always shows error. And my wifi is cyberroam protected.
  • #6.UC Browser Mini - Smooth - It's great.It contains a great speed.But some time it stops work.You should do something about this.And fast!!!
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