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  • #1.Talking Tom Cat - If you want to know about this secret I can tell u guys that in some talking toms in the eyes of talking tom there is a cam man that is the guy who made the mistake so he tells the talking tom guy to ask you where you live and your name and email address and phone number country and city and after that he is gonna come to your house and hack everything if you want to find out more information you can reply to this comment
  • #2.Talking Tom Cat - If you have a sense of humor and you love animation this will be a great app to get into live love and laugh in 3 THINGS in life that is so important;enjoy this app: like I do,have fun! u0026amp; SHARE! ;)
  • #3.Talking Tom Cat - The cat is cute, but also stupid faced,so we don't feel bad about hitting him.You wouldn't want to hit talking Ginger,as she is over-cute.
  • #4.Talking Tom Cat - It is very good app and I want to tell those people who are going to install it to enjoy it and rate 5 stars
  • #5.Talking Tom Cat - I love the "my talking tom" game its cute and easy to play. As for the creator being a murderer??? Who cares? Maybe there was a good reason to do it. Nobody knows
  • #6.Talking Tom Cat - I am a kid who loves cats at the moment we have two but used to have four and I don't have to worry about this one being killed. 10/10
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