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Welcome to the best way to discover new and popular apps/games for wechat android app. "Much better, much more popular, much more user-friendly” - USA Today"Simple enough that anyone can use it, versatile enough that everyone has some use for it" - Wired WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. Below you can download a list of top and exciting apps related to wechat android app.With these amazing apps, our phone and tablet are about to become more useful than ever.
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  • #1.WeChat - its not work. the same problem. i need to clear data all the time. if i not clear the data. i cant send messege. i cant receive any messege. the moments not update. i love this app. but the bugs. makes me wanna uninstall it.
  • #2.WeChat - Google is simply cheating... I downloaded we chat but after completion completion download started once again..
  • #3.WeChat - I am trying to unfreeze my account but I received a message that says it is unmatched device and ask me to use the same device to unblock it. How can this happen because previously i use the same device to freeze my account. I already send 3 messages on Customer Feedback but till now no answer from your part. Pls help me. I can't even log in to my account since before this i log out and unistalled it. i am getting fedup bcos i already send 4 messages to Cust Feedback stating my prob but till now no respons
  • #4.WeChat - When I tried to add my credit card into wallet, it showed up with systems busy but my credit card was charged CNY0.32. I tried 3 times before I gave up and my credit card was charge up to CNY0.96. What a crap app.
  • #5.WeChat - The old version keeps failing today and after the update it still forces me to give away my phone permission. Really? After all this time and it still want to manage my phone book? Securiy is not the excuse to request phone permission, not ever. Giving away sensitive permissions to an normal app and expecting it to manage that for me, that's plain stupid. And this is exactly what malware is trying to accomplish. Please remove it soon. Or I'll have to report it as inappropriate.
  • #6.WeChat - It used to be good, but after updating d software on my S6 n updating d Wechat, I did not receive any notifications. Only when I open the app then the messages came in, even when d data or WiFi is turned on all say. This is so inconvenient. Because of this, my colleagues and superior think I'm slacking off
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