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  • #1.WhatsApp Messenger - I love whatsapp very much. I wish they would make an option of delete messages from everyone or secret chat like Telegram.
  • #2.WhatsApp Messenger - after new updation it works great and some options are add like WhatsApp web and also call.now we can enjoy our WhatsApp on our desktop or laptop and call our friends and family.Now we can share our PDF file in WhatsApp .Thanks WhatsApp for adding more and more facility....
  • #3.WhatsApp Messenger - Just got my lg g5 and when I send a voice note we hear my voice veryyyyy low. This problem has only with whatsapp
  • #4.WhatsApp Messenger - I've been using this all for the last 2 years and today I updated it and I can't send it receive messages, I rely on this app I need it,please fix it ASAP
  • #5.WhatsApp Messenger - Not bad. At least it's simple yet useful. It's easy to use. But I love those stylings: bold, italic and strikethrough. Hehe. Wish to have the underlined ones.
  • #6.WhatsApp Messenger - No longer receiving or sending messages, despite being on wifi and having plenty of data. Have rebooted my phone, reinstalled the app, everything and it's still not working. Get it fixed.
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