• #1.Carrom 3D - Good game to play , , pls settle the battery draining issue, too fast draining , with in one hr, fully charged battery was at critical alarm level of less than 10%
  • #2.Carrom 3D - I love this game..I used to play it with my next update can u add four players..thank u
  • #3.Carrom 3D - Its the real best game i've ever played. Just a quick suggestion, right now its too much friction on board. May be adding an option of the powder that could cause less friction will make this game more awesome.
  • #4.Carrom 3D - Well I haven't tried other carrom games, so I won't compare. This game is just pure awesome. It is easy to use, and I love the custom views we can have.
  • #5.Carrom 3D - Unexpeted table moving annoyed me a lot, table moving should be able to lock according to the user need, hope they will fix that in their coming updates otherwise I loved this game a lot.
  • #6.Carrom 3D - The computer/opponent for the beginner level keeps making consecutive goals which makes it almost impossible to win. This shouldn't be the case for a beginner stage.
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