How to enable hidden features on WhatsApp for Android

Aaqib de Barabba | Jul 20, 2017


We’ve talked before about WABetaInfo, a Twitter channel with timely updates about the new features incorporated on each new beta for WhatsApp, including the ones not activated by default. The person behind the handle, known as Alex193, has developed a tweat for WhatsApp in the form of an app that, once installed, lets you activate hidden options in the Android client long before they’re rolled out to all users. This means you can try features firsthand that other people will see much later, like the ones we recapped in this post (real-time geolocalization, integrated video, and photo galleries).This an excellent thing for their fans, which means that they can experience the new feature of whatsapp messenger app in the near future. Moreover, this new feature will certainly bring new changes to our lives. It can not exactly know what this change is for now, but the time will tell.


Many people start using this product from an early time and learn about most of its features. This new updates still catches up public’s eyes and causes a great concern.The sole requirements to be able to use the WA Tweaks app are that your device have root permissions (or its Xposed module be activated) and have the latest public beta installed (we always keep the latest APK available here on Uptodown). That done, just follow the steps laid out below and you’ll be able to modify the client to display all the new features from the beta.



We also found this interesting thing. Besides the special options, you can activate a set of useful Tweaks that, among other things, let you swap out the default GIF search tool for a different one, send images in their original resolution and quality, or changing the default max size of files.The new feature is closer to the user’s daily need and public’s lives. In recent years, some products similar to whatsapp download continue to appear. The new thoughts will expended to other areas for better public’s service.


We should point out that every new beta brings different options to modify, as the prior ones migrate to the stable version. With all that in mind, this is a fantastic tool for people who can’t wait to try out the latest changes as WhatsApp rolls them out.For the company, it is a real success, which means the product that they have invested a huge amount, is constantly improving and getting more and more attention.More data and information of whatsapp messenger for android can be found in the recent posts. New information will continue to be released. Keep an eye on our site and get the real-time updates and other latest information.