Los viajes de Sanchica

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A teenager Sanchica located today welcomes players and invites you to travel with her six stages of his journey around the world; then you only have to watch the virtual board and, above all, learn. Thus App "Sanchica Travels", a free application for Android with an eminent educational and informative character will be the backbone of Workshops Intercultural Education Council of Ciudad Real begins.
The importance of this proposal, as long as it focuses on the figure of the daughter of Sancho Panza, faithful squire of Don Quixote, is hypothesized that multiculturalism can only be understood and internalized from knowledge and respect other cultures different from their own, improving intercultural dialogue.
Students will be divided into four groups will play under the expert guidance of MONITORING, while groups move between countries. Thus, knowledge of history, geography, art and other disciplines related to Ciudad, Moroccan, Senegalese, Ecuadorian, Chinese and Romanian cultures are acquired. When a team solves one of the issues relating to a specific stage of the journey is rewarded with a point of the place, to solve two in the same country advances to the next. The participant has to get through all the territories. Learn about the traditions and ties connection with the globalized world is absolutely necessary for peaceful coexistence among peoples.
In short, it is an application designed to improve the integration of multidirectional way, encouraging respect through better knowledge of cultures and their interrelation. The aim of the Provincial de Ciudad Real is to encourage students in the province dialogue, tolerance and respect among different life models, through a better understanding of their cultures. A virtual dramatization is the answer that is provided in order that students identify with the context presented and the transmission of values ​​such as freedom, respect, equality, tolerance, integration and solidarity work.



Version: 1.3

Requires: Android2.3 or later


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