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NTT Solmare Corp.

Description of Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game

Complete the prologue and get useful items! Don’t miss the starter SALE to get special avatar items for FREE.
You’re the heroine - Otome - in these simulation games, experiencing sweet moments with handsome men. Tap your way through, more easily than reading a visual novel. These large-scale love story games are different from anime, manga or romance novels but are just as enjoyable on your device!
“I didn’t realize this until you showed up, but when I sleep alone, my bed is EMPTY and COLD.”
You visit the office of the world’s greatest detective, Sherlock Holmes, with an unusual request. There, you meet charming men with colorful personalities, and get caught up in their adventures.
Do you want to live at 221B Baker Street, with Sherlock as your bodyguard? Or do you want to go on a trip with the mysterious millionaire Professor Moriarty and catch a thief? Can you escape the “elementary” crime? Experience thrill after thrill in modern London with classic characters transformed into irresistible hotties!
These British geniuses will fall in love with you and whisper words of love, kissing you. Choose the path of your love story with them, and reach a moving, romantic ending!
Crack the case and fall in love!
Sherlock Holmes - “Do YOU have feelings for John?”
Undoubtedly, the world’s greatest detective with an exceptional logical mind. He was only interested in strange cases until he met you. He’ll come to realize his feelings for you like never before. But his best friend John H Watson has those same feelings toward you, too! Where will this love triangle lead?
John H Watson - “I promise that I’ll always strive to be someone who’s good enough for you, someone who deserves you. So...will you marry me?”
Sherlock’s best friend and fellow genius. He’s smart, gentle, and perfect - what’s the reason behind him proposing to you on the very first day you meet? And what will you do when Sherlock tells you that you’re the only one he could open his traumatized heart to?
James Moriarty - “By the time this journey is over, your life will have changed COMPLETELY.”
The Napoleon of the backstreets of London, and Sherlock Holmes’ greatest rival. Coming from a noble family and the way of the law, he plans a stage aboard the gorgeous Reichenbach Express for you. He’s not one to hide his affection for you...but at the same time he hides a horrifying secret.
*FREE to play!
*Read with Story Tickets, which recharge regularly
*Beautiful artwork, alluring soundtracks and motion effects
*Solve mysteries unique to each character’s story
*Multiple endings depending on the choices you make
*Cute avatars in a Japanese anime style with constant updates
*In-game events frequently held with exclusive prizes
*Available ON FACEBOOK too!
*New characters make an appearance!
-love romance novels or movies
-love Japanese games, manga, novels or anime
-are interested in dating sim games but prefer something more simple
-want to enjoy being in love with a variety of men
-want to have a love affair without anyone knowing
-love to read mystery novels
-are crazy about Sherlock Holmes
-love to investigate and judge someone guilty
-love romance games / dating games for free
-love fashion and dressing up your avatar
-enjoy reading fiction with grand setting
NTT Solmare is a company based in Osaka, Japan. We strive to make the best dating sim games. If you like romance novels, cute boys, and/or anime then you will love our games. Our Shall we date? titles have over 35 million downloads worldwide – try one of our FREE games today to find out why we are so popular!
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What's New with Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game 1.6.0

[Upgrade Description for version 1.6.0]
Minor bugs fixed.
Thank you for playing “Guard me, Sherlock!/Shall we date?”!


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    Android 4.1 or later
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    NTT Solmare Corp.
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  • Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game
    Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game 1.5.9
  • Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game
    Guard me, Sherlock! 1.5.0
  • Guard me, Sherlock! - otome game
    Guard me, Sherlock! 1.4.9
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    The game is really good! It has a good story line and the characters are great, Solmare didn't change the character's original personality and I really like that! But I have to report this problem I've encountered. I received 50 jewels from the daily login but when I claimed it, it disappeared. I didn't use it yet so I'd like to ask you to fix this. I can't pass the checkpoint so please fix this! Thanks!
    2020-10-06 10:37
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    I really felt in love with Sherlock in this game...never thought of seeing those cute sides of him....but the only problem was with the gems... the premier root is different from the normal story & you'll need more jewels to play that.......but in the end I'm happy with my Sherlock Holmes❤❤❤ & .......this game
    2020-10-01 02:49
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    I really love this game so much, I first played this like 3 years ago and it broke my heart when my phone had no more space to it. But now it's a new start and I decided to play it again and the feeling is still the same from 3 years ago ヾ(〃^∇^)ノ
    2020-08-29 11:45
  • avatar
    This apps's stories had keep me entertained for several months now, I hope the Creator would create more sequels for Sherlocks, Watson, Mikah and James M. Love every characters there! 💖
    2020-07-31 01:24
  • avatar
    The mystery was great and the characters are cool, but it way the story line was awesome.
    2020-07-26 11:21
  • avatar
    Wonderful stories and graphics!
    2020-07-26 07:24