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Description of Quest Lands : Slay the Titan - Roguelike Card RPG

This is an Early Access work in progress version!
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Slay the monsters in this epic roguelike adventure!
'Quest Lands : Slay the Titan' is a deck building strategy card RPG game. Offline mode included.
The world is under attack and it's on you Guardian to beat the evil titan and his minions and free the lands in this 3D turn-based card game.
A different take on the roguelike deck building Card RPG genre with beautiful low poly art.
> Find new strategies and build powerful decks as you progress through the roguelike adventure in this Card RPG .
> Explore proceduraly generated worlds and decide in which order to take on your enemies.
> Pick between different heroes with unique abilities to free the realms and slay the enemies in epic turn-based combat.
> Unlock achievements and win new cards to play with
> Each time you play is different and requires a new approach in this roguelike game.
★ Deck building adventure Card RPG game with a tactical map and roguelike elements
★ Discover powerful synergies between cards
★ Roguelike procedural map system
★ Slay the 60 monsters with unique abilities
★ Discover 130 cards for deck building
★ Slay the over a dozen unqiue bosses in epic battles
★ Discover shops, shrines, observatories, smithies, sanctuaries and other unique locations
★ Slay the cruel titan lord and ascend to the next level
★ Play Offline
This is an Early Access version.
Join the Discord and help us improve the game:
"If you like deck building games, this roguelike Card RPG will have you play and slay monsters forever."


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    Android 4.4 or later
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    roguelike games
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  • Quest Lands : Slay the Titan - Roguelike Card RPG
    Quest Lands 0.6.9
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    I keep Dying From Frost Dragons They Are Just Broken Frost Breaths Just take all my cards such Imbalance
    2020-10-11 09:04
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    Excellent game! I'm very glad I snagged it and hope to get back into sending feedback to dev to help isolate bugs/fix them as they're pretty good about that. If you're wondering if you should pick this up, ask yourself if you like deckbuilder rogue-likes and that will more than likely answer that question for you. The main game is a grid based map where you tap on cells to move, there are no random encounters, in lieu of that, enemies show up on the map on inhabited cells so, if you want to avoid that next enemy until you upgrade a card or heal, in most instances there is an alt route that you can take. The game has a myriad of different classes that you can unlock. You start out with a few traditional classes like warrior & thief, you unlock classes by gaining points through playing the game. As it stands now, the unlocks are automatic at certain point thresholds, no need to worry about having to "pay" for them. The game is still in development, so keep in mind that not all cards are finished, and there are a few bugs here and there, so, I would encourage anyone who's interested to don't be afraid to let the dev know of the bug you face so they can squash it :-)
    2020-09-02 05:29
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    I didn't have fun at all while playing. The game looks decent, but the card combat is very boring. It looks straight up copied from Night of the full Moon, except that I didn't come across the insane interactions that are in that game. Playing the cards is pretty sluggish too, and the enemy turns take too long, I spent most of my time watching the enemies play their cards.
    2020-08-20 06:18
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    My experience in this game is terrible and also great, the game has a lot of potential. Let me site out some problems; the gear shield should protect me because im the one who's wearing it but instead the monster are the one being shield, id also like to hasten the happening in the game, like try to remove the trasition of the cards... Please fix the game
    2020-05-12 05:39
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    On the second floor, during the second boss battle, it wouldn't let me select any of my cards. then after I died and tried to restart. The game just froze and wouldn't do anything
    2020-05-09 10:52
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    I really want to like this, but it's just so clunky. The time between each turn is grueling and makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a spoon. Not only does the animation take so long, but it takes for your cards to reposition so you can use them again. It's a good concept, but I shouldn't become annoyed at the game in the first 10 minutes.
    2020-04-18 05:56