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Rohit Porwal

Description of Tricky Math | Brain Games

Mathematics is a very beautiful as well as important subject, both in schools and in life. So, it is always useful if you know a few mental math tricks. This will make you suffer less in absence of a calculator.
This app has a collection of games and tricks, which will improve your calculation speed, while giving a nice brain training. This program will increase your aptitude and reasoning skills, which can increase your performance in school, in college and even in your day to day life.
To keep improving in math, it is highly recommended to at least practice once or twice daily.
This app has following brain games:
1. Brain Twister
2. True or False
3. Make the order!!
4. 2048 Game
5. Match Maker
6. Memory Game
7. Percentages
8. More or Less!!
9. Survival
10. Find a question?
11. Speed-o-racy
12. Series
13. Easy Mode
14. Normal Mode
15. Expert Mode
16. Addition Master
17. Spot the number
18. Missing Signs
19. Equal or not
20. Fill in the Blanks
21. Odd one out
And It has following math tricks lessons:
1. Multiply by 5, 10, 25 etc.
2. Vedic Multiplication
3. Multiply by 11, xx, and 111..1
4. Multiply by 12 to 19 and 112 to 119
5. Multiply by 999...9
6. Multiplication of numbers near 100
7. Multiplication of numbers near 100..0
8. Multiply 2 numbers near 50
9. Multiplication of 3 numbers near 100.
10. Multiplication of 2 no. where last 2 digits sum to 10
11. Square of no. ending with 5 or 0
12. Square of no near 50, 100, and 200
13. Square of any 2-digit no.
14. Squares of no. ending with 1, 2, 3, 4
15. Squares of no. ending with 9, 8, 7, 6
16. Square of 3-digit number
17. square root tricks
18. multiplication trick where difference is even
19. cube of numbers near 100
20. cube and cube roots
21. Divisibility rules: Test of divisibility by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ,7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 17, 19, 25
These kind of mathematical tricks will increase your calculation speed in aptitude exams which generally contains simple math questions, like as in SSC, IAS, PCS, GMAT, GRE, SAT, CAT exams and so on.
It is very crucial to solve these kind of arithmetic questions and that too with speed and accuracy.
It also has many reasoning puzzles and riddles, along with many training sessions for more focused practice.
In addition, it has tools like:
Multiplication Table Generator
: to generate and practice multiplication Table up to 9999.
Square Calculator
: to calculate square of any number up to 9999.
Cube Calculator
: to calculate cube of any number up to 999.
Formula Book
: with collection of formulas on 9 topics.
Overall, this math app will help you keep your mind in a good shape. And it is giving you all this in FREE!!
So, download now, and start using it daily.
Chart library used: MPAndroidChart (by Philipp Jahoda)

What's New with Tricky Math | Brain Games 4.9.5

version 4.9.5:
-> Fixed Table unlocking issue
version 4.9.3:
-> Training update: More tables added
-> Add table you want to learn
-> Sound fixed
version 4.9.2:
-> Added puzzles
version 4.9.1:
-> Added 2048 game


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  • avatar
    A good one to keep your focus and train your brain daily
    2020-10-15 05:54
  • avatar
    Best speed maths app
    2020-09-17 03:08
  • avatar
    If you have little knowledge about maths, this Application help you to grow up and make your mind faster to calculate in easy, funny and gaming way... download and enjoy maths....
    2020-08-14 11:10
  • avatar
    It is a good application for maths
    2020-08-06 02:22
  • avatar
    This app is perfect especially for mental maths. I first installed it 3 years ago and since I was only eight I found some things quite challenging but now it's perfect. The best thing is that you can practice without a certain time limit and also just time yourself. This is perfect for developing mental maths as well as written maths! Another great feature is that it can explain to you how to do something. Not as in explaining questions but when you go to the learn mode it shows how to do things. I am just a bit disappointed that it isn’t available on IOS because I have now completely switched all devices in my house to Apple and this app is only available on Android. I’ve emailed the app developers about this issue so hopefully it’ll be fixed.
    2020-07-19 09:09
  • avatar
    Really awesome app.. Plss add some more formulas in formulas book I think it would be better
    2020-05-17 07:13