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1.6.5297 for Android
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Mattel163 Limited

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Description of UNO!™

Play UNO!™ in a whole new way! The classic card game comes to your mobile device with new rules, tournaments, modes of play, and much more! Whether you’re at home, on the go, an UNO veteran or completely new, UNO!™ has something for everyone in the family!
Ready. Set. UNO!™
- Play classic UNO™ or select from a variety of house rules to play in real-time matches
- Compete in tournaments and events to win rewards and top the leaderboards
- Partner up, play in 2v2 mode and collaborate to win
- Connect anytime, anywhere with friends from around the world in UNO Clubs!
The Classic Game at your Fingertips
New to UNO!™ or wanting to play your favorite card game? Tap Quick Play and start up a new game with classic UNO™ rules.
Rule Your Room
In Room Mode, invite friends and set up your own house rules. Play new cards like “Wild Punch” to send a +4 Wild right back at the person who played it. Or use rules like “Stack” and watch one unlucky player pile cards into their hand. UNO!™ is a family-friendly party that makes it easy for anyone to join!
Buddy Up
Find a friend and partner up to battle in 2v2 mode! Help each other reduce your hand (or your partner’s) to zero as quickly as possible to beat the other team!
Connect, Chat, Yell UNO!™
Connect with friends in UNO clubs and send each other gifts. Make a strategy and cheer each other on!
Real-Time Matches Galore
Compete in tournaments and special events to win rewards! Top the leaderboards and show-off to your friends!
Go Wild – No, Really
This no-holds-barred mode is as wacky as UNO gets. House rules on, two deck play and winnings up to 200 times what you put in! But beware, in this wild game mode, you win big or go home empty-handed! Are you up for the challenge?
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What's New with UNO!™ 1.6.5297

- Play in a brand new Thanksgiving event. Limited-time rewards are up for grabs to anyone who can help the turkey!
- A special advent calendar begins on December 1.
- The Diamond Bonanza and The Diamond Extravaganza are back with the cotton candy theme in-game effects.
- Ranked mode season 6 is hot! New steampunk rewards are available to anyone with the spunk to compete!
- You didn't hear it from us, but Black Friday and Cyber Monday are going to have INSANE deals!


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  • avatar
    DON'T SPEND YOUR MONEY IN THIS GAME. This game is a scam. It's set to take all of your coin within 7. U will draw 7 cards u can't play. Most will be ACTION CARDS. U will never get the collection deck and the Season Pass is laughable. MOST OF THE PLAYERS ARE NOT REAL. If you email them, they respond with a generic response. They tell u to send a screenshot as if that's possible when it's a speed game and unexpected. Then they tell you to relax and read the rules. This is a BBB issue.
    2020-11-29 06:52
  • avatar
    I like playing uno, but they have a new features that takes part of the coins you earn from winning games and wants you to pay $3.99 to release coins you've already won. I would give this a higher rating if this feature didn't exist.
    2020-11-29 05:17
  • avatar
    Okay. The game is fine at times. But it is incredibly rigged. You get matched with dumbasses all the time. Nothing more annoying than losers who have nothing better to do than piss everyone off and waste time for whatever stupid f***ing reason. I dont know why I keep playing this game honestly.
    2020-11-29 05:07
  • avatar
    Hello uno I want to change my account but it won't left me so can you change it for me
    2020-11-27 09:37
  • avatar
    One of the worst card playing apps, i have ever known. Not only their rules are f*ud up (like declaring a winner, based on sitting pattern, if the points are tied), but also the algorithm which dishes out the cards is completely unfair. You will often receive bad cards in high multiplier games And dont even get me started on the ads and stupid pop-ups that they have introduced - turkey trails, hot wheels and all. Who even gives a flying f about that. You have ruined this game completely !!!!
    2020-11-27 07:40
  • avatar
    Ok so lets give a good review! ACCURATE! This game cost Money. And once you pay you have to continue paying because once you are out you are out. You do not get coins per hour you get them ONCE per day. 300 and another 300 right after that's it! So for instance you have 26 coins left they give you 300 nxtday so at 326 you play one simple game and loss only 40 coins and then give you your second coins to bring you at 400 and something. See how fast. Your out the entire day! Now pay Continuously.
    2020-11-27 11:23