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Driving School Simulator 2020

20201010 for Android
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Driving School Simulator 2020 is a realistic driving simulation game where you can master your car driving and parking skills. In this driving academy you will get a real life driving experience.
Wear your seat belt and drive. Don't take the wrong turns and watch out for traffic and people. This is the best way for you to become a perfect driver.
Pick your car, customize it and drive in different places like city, country, highway and mountains.
In this ultimate driving simulation you can choose between manual transmission or automatic gearbox. Steering options include on-screen steering wheel, arrows or gyro. You can also switch the camera to see the road from a drivers perspective.
This car game offers you several driving modes to play. In career mode you have to drive by the rules to complete the driving academy. Open world driving mode gives you an option to get out of the car when you are tired of driving and move around on foot. You can search streets and hidden sports to collect hidden coins and visit a gas station. In multiplayer game mode you drive against other players.
Driving School Simulator features:
- more than 10 different cars to drive,
- car customization,
- 4 detailed open world maps with more than 80 levels,
- free drive,
- exit out of the car and move around on foot. If you run out of the gas, you can go on foot to the nearest gas station to refill your gas can
- realistic driving mechanics, physics and damage system,
- different camera views
- multiplayer driving challenge mode
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Available in 10 languages: English, German, Croatian, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Turkish and Russian.


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    Android 5.0 or later
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  • Driving School Simulator 2020
    Driving School Simulator 2020 20200721
  • Driving School 3D
    Driving School 3D 20190411
  • Driving School 3D
    Driving School 3D 20190124
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