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Fury Assassin Sniper Shooter

1.0 for Android
3.0 | 100,000+ عمليات التثبيت

Volcano Gaming Studio

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It is said that 20,000+ users downloaded fury Assassin Sniper Shooter latest version on 9Apps for free every week! More apps are free download here! This hot app was released on 2017-05-05. I believe you’ll enjoy it after use it.
Aim and Shoot! Commando Deadly City Sniper is the most exciting and #1 first person shooing game. You are master assassin, play your part in dangerous shooting, explore entire enemies and eliminate high-profile targets. Front-line Elite Sniper Killer is an action-packed game, that will blow you away! Get ready to take precise aim and perform deadly strikes for humanity survival with this immersive and impressive Army Trigger Best Sniper game. In this elite sniper shooting game you are trained army commando and your task is eliminating rivals across your country, use your marksman skills and deadly tactics to eliminate entire terrorist as city street level. dramatic combat story shooting adventure game offers you thrilling shooting experience, go for perform shocking brawl attacks and finish your work to become the last hope of humankind.
Enemies are build their bases in your country and spread across your country and cities, so; are you ready to shooting and for strike experience? Brute rivals destruct the peaceful and happy life of your cities people and they want to turn to your country in combat zone. This is time for hot shooting, don’t hesitate! Load your lethal sniper rifle and choose appropriate sniper position for shoot, invade and assassinate whole terrorist. As a sharp sniper shooter survive sudden ambushes and pull the trigger of your rifle to shoot high-profile targets. Get immerse, hold your breath and control your nerve, use your accurate and aggressive killing skills to hit on target. Upgrade your weapons and turn them into the ultimate arsenal with fire rate, recoil and reload speed to complete all challenging levels of this incredible action shooting game. Do not let single enemy out of your sight, kill them all with your elite shooting skills and fatal and deadly sniper rifle to become one of the best world contract shooter.
Get ready for challenging game with multiple breathtaking levels and variety of sniper rifles. To complete game missions use your specialized hot shooting skills and kill entire enemies in required time and finish their terror. Focus on your target and try to get every terrorist head-shot to preserve your ammo and quick shoot before that they will shoot you. It actions packed shooting game will provide you different battle locations with 3d visual graphics and realistic shooting sound effects. It battlefield game environment, sharp control and brutal enemy animation will give you several hours of game play. Absolutely download free on play store and enjoy FPS action packed game.
How to play:
 Start the game
 Select level from the map
 Tap shoot button to shoot enemy
 Tap Reload for Reload gun
 Tap scope for close in scope
 Tap Switch button to change gun
 Tap sit for sit or down
Game Features:
 Realistic city war environment and stunning graphics
 Breathtaking rag-doll effects
 Extreme sharp and smooth control of sniper rifles
 Lots of modern lethal sniper guns
 Fully action packed hot shooting experience
 Tons of thrilling levels for your enjoyment
 Optimize for all android devices and tabs
 Amazing FPS game-play


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