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Princess Salon: Frozen Party

1.1.6 for Android
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Hey~ Welcome to this frozen kingdom! Here's an invitation from the noble princess, why not open it now?
Time travel? A new world? This just happened to Aria, and she was taken to the Middle Ages from the 21st century by a mysterious force. After a bit uncertainty at first, she became so excited because this was just the land she had longed to be. After having many adventures there, she finally came to an old castle, which looked so grand and stunning and took her breath away. She opened all the doors in the castle until... What would happen to our Aria, would she have a wonderful and unforgettable experience? Join us and find it out by yourself.
How to Play:
Open the game, and click PLAY to start. Hurrah~ Now you are the lucky girl Aria. You've traveled all the way through, and finally come to this mysterious castle. Who would you like to meet the most? We guess it's the princess, right? There she is, and she invites you to a party. Before that, you'd better do a spa first, try the spa items of this age and you'll be absolutely surprised. Then, as you dressed differently before, try on the classic and noble clothes and accessories, and you'll be the focus of the party. Woo-hoo~ The party has started, you can talk to any of the guests, and then follow the tips to get some mystery gifts. Satisfied, huh? But this is not all about this travel, as snowman is also a must in this frozen land. You can choose what you want from dozens of decorations to make your snowman unique. Sweetie, this fantastic travel is just for you, come and get it now!
- Immerse yourself in the dreamy castle
- Keep the touching moments with fine frames
- Meet the nobility at the royal palace
- Decorate your funny and unique snowman
- Get extra joy out of a bundle of surprises
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Need You Know:
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    Android 4.2 or later
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  • Princess Salon: Frozen Party
    Princess Salon: Frozen Party 1.1.5
  • Princess Salon: Frozen Party
    Frozen Party 1.1.1
  • Princess Salon: Frozen Party
    Princess Salon Frozen Party 1.0.8
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