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Quiz Legends. Legends Quiz Best Guess the Hero Quiz
We present this legends quiz for true fans of this hero game.
Are you a true connoisseur of the legends of mobile l? Prove it with this hero quiz
It is a fun question and answer game in which you must guess the hero that appears on each screen. Guess the legend in each level and complete the best hero quiz.
To complete the game you must pass all the levels of the mobile quiz. To pass each level and access the next level, you must guess the hero of all the screens of the level you are on.
For each hero you guess you will receive virtual coins that you can later exchange for clues.
On the screen you will see a distorted image of a hero, to add difficulty. With the letters that appear at the bottom you must complete the name of the hero in the image. With the coins you earn you can buy letters to help you solve the name of the legend, or if you have enough coins you can solve the name of the whole hero.
In the levels that get stuck and you don't know how to solve the legends quiz, you can ask for help on social networks, sharing the hero's photo and asking: "Who can guess the name of this mobile l hero?"
To guess the hero you must have real knowledge of legends because heroes with different appearances can appear, so, it is a hero quiz for true fans of mobile l.
In this quiz heroes you find:
-6 levels of difficulty
-More than 100 Legends with different appearances
-Earn virtual currencies
-Share the most difficult levels
-Become a true legends quiz expert
We challenge you to pass the legends quiz and share your knowledge of heroes and legends with your friends

تحديث Quiz Legends. Guess the Hero 0.1

26 new levels added
More than 400 new screens
New heroes added


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