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5.1.1801 for Android
4.1 | 10,000,000+ عمليات التثبيت | المراجعات

Abdullah Al-Mashan

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Experience the most popular card game ever – the Classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike or Patience.
We specifically optimized our version of Klondike Solitaire for the entire Android family. You can play Solitaire on a tiny smartphone, sitting in the subway on the way to work, or on a big tablet, comfortably resting at home on the couch.
Find out how stacks of cards are easily and intuitively dragged, you are free from unnecessary actions. Play with pleasure! Do not think about how to get the right card, but focus on the game itself. We care about your eyesight, and therefore the game does not require precise gestures and has large card sets.
Choose a game style according to your mood! Our version of Solitaire contains many options and modes: deal by one, two, three, and even four cards, as well as the famous Vegas option. Cards are dealt randomly, but you can control the difficulty level. There is a game for everyone: from the simple presets suitable for beginners to really complicated games that weren’t solved for years, and some of them have not been resolved yet.
Are you just a novice solitaire fan? Klondike Solitaire is a surprisingly simple game that can be mastered in 5 minutes with our interactive training tour. And if you have difficulties, then we offer a step-by-step solution for most of the presets we have.
Do you like individuality? Change the appearance of the game so your “Solitaire” is unlike any other. You can change almost all elements of the game: the background image, the cover
of the card, and the color of the decorative elements.
Do you want to compete or refine your results? Our version of Solitaire can determine an individual rating so that you can compare how well you play relative to other players. We have analyzed a billion games and hundreds of thousands of presets, and the algorithm for calculating the rating is identical to chess.
Klondike Solitaire collects statistics of your games: the number of games played and won, your successful series of games, or even your most tough solutions. There is also the possibility to see how your skill of a solitaire game has progressed over time.
The game has flexible funding options: free to play mode (no ads during gameplay) or premium mode with no advertisements at all.
Install our solitaire games and you will never get bored! Users say that with Solitaire, time goes faster, and the habit of playing Solitaire provided them with a regular mental warm-up, which positively affected their well-being.
If you have technical difficulties or problems, do not hesitate to contact our friendly multilingual user support.
We have tried our best in making a high-quality and beautiful product. Your reviews will definitely help many other users to discover this simple yet exciting game.

تحديث Solitaire 5.1.1801

Difficulty levels fixed; some minor fixes


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    Android 5.0 or later
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    Abdullah Al-Mashan
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