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Monster Car Crusher Crane 2019: City Garbage Truck

1.4 for Android
3.4 | 1,000,000+ Lượt cài đặt | ĐÁNH GIÁ

Wacky Studios -Parking, Racing & Talking 3D Games

Mô tả của Monster Car Crusher Crane 2019: City Garbage Truck

Roll up sleeves and start working at crash car junkyard to destroy wrecked cars. Play Monster Car Crusher Crane 2019 to drive big monster trucks and operate gigantic cranes with ingenuity. Experience extreme car demolition gameplay on impossible tracks in unique & timeless mighty crane missions. Become a real dumper truck driver and take scrap to dump site for recycling purpose.
First ever car crusher crane game has an extreme shredder machine and a gigantic compactor vehicle to demolish old cars. Do the job of transforming scrap metal after demolition derby into brand new cars in extreme monster madness. The process of crushing old cars is quite fascinating with majestic crane operator and manual USA truck driving. Drive broken vehicles with weird car controls where big lifter crane is parked. Operate magnetic grapple crane to lift cars and drop them in shredder. Turn on crusher machine and watch rusty autocars getting demolished and crushed into scrap bits. Collect car destruction garbage in dumper truck and transport junk to recycling plant or a dump site outside metropolis city of USA. Take the old damaged truck to car garage workshop for repairing it from metal scrap mechanic. Drive new trailer truck or heavy lorry from auto repair shop to car club junkyard and continue crushing wrecked cars.
The drift truck driver and harbor crane operator duel in one simulator game. Learn to operate manual crane and driving big trailer trucks in huge metropolis city. Steer labor truck on impossible way and maneuver tower crane for demolishing junk car. Don’t need any bulldozer or hydraulic compactor machine for compressing vehicles, use futuristic crusher. Practise mighty crane operations for extreme demolition with big monster truck. Grab steering wheel of a real euro truck to transport garbage and autocar junk at dumping site. Forget heavy bridge construction or city builder games. Enjoy finest crane simulator game as heavy machinery operator and transport truck driver on curvy roads. Move ahead from construction site to crash car junkyard and learn all crane operations duelling with heavy lorry trucks driving. Get transporter vehicles repaired from scrap mechanic workshop and drive new hinge trailer trucks.
Monster Car Crusher: USA Truck Simulator Features:
Extreme american truck driving and limo crushing missions
Operate multiple cranes like magnetic lifter & car shredder
Drive monster trucks and control heavy duty machinery
Realistic car destruction backyard with massive environment
Real cranes physics and flawless driving controls
Amazing animations, sounds and high quality 3D graphics
Detailed gameplay for immersive experience
Download Monster Car Crusher Crane 2019 3D simulator game and have unending fun playing unique & timeless gameplay.

Tính năng Mới Monster Car Crusher Crane 2019: City Garbage Truck 1.4

***Optimized File Size***
- Minor Bugs Fixed
- Free Camera View during crane operation
- Improved Controls
- Better Gameplay
Please give us your feedback and help us improve this game in future releases.

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    Android 4.1 or later
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    Wacky Studios -Parking, Racing & Talking 3D Games
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  • Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17: City Garbage Truck
    Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17 1.3
  • Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17: City Garbage Truck
    Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17 1.2
  • Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17
    Monster Car Crusher Crane 2k17 1.1
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