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Gym Exercises is a 100% free, easy to understand collection of over 100 exercises separated into targeted muscle groups that shows simple, moving figures performing the correct beginning and final positions of a movement; without having to click to an external site or wait for slow videos to load.
*NEW* You can now create workouts! Add exercises, sets, reps, weight and the type of set in a user friendly interface that makes it quick and easy to build routines. You can also add notes for those handy little hints you might pickup during a workout. All workouts are stored in the cloud so you can login into any device and they will be ready for you!
Gym Exercises is designed to aid beginners understand the mechanics of each exercise so walking into a gym doesn’t seem so daunting, or refresh a veteran’s memory of training routines they may have forgotten. The movements have been written by a seasoned gym junkie and powerlifter with over 10 years’ experience.
You can create a list of your favourite exercises so they are easily available for quick reference, search for an exercise and vote on which are your favourites with other members.



Version: 1.0

Requires: Android2.2 or later


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